To participate in the early release trials, first print and colour the colouring pages below. Next, download the free Colour Me Magic companion mobile app:

Beta app now on iOS and Android

(selected Android devices supported)

How it works


Download the
Colour Me Magic colouring pages from the links below and start colouring!


Use the Colour Me Magic mobile app to scan the page and watch as your animal friends come to life!


Play a game with your animal friends or take a selfie with them to earn stars. Collect all 20 stars by completing activities!

Complimentary Colour Me Magic Colouring book

Available from 3 February 2020 to 30 April 2020 on the following routes:

Auckland (AKL)- Singapore (SIN) SQ282, SQ286
Delhi (DEL)- Singapore (SIN) SQ401, SQ403
London (LHR)- Singapore (SIN) SQ305, SQ317. SQ319, SQ321
Perth (PER)- Singapore (SIN) SQ214, SQ216, SQ224, SQ226
San Francisco (SFO)- Singapore (SIN) SQ31
Sydney (SYD)- Singapore (SIN) SQ212, SQ222, SQ242, SQ232
Zurich (ZRH)- Singapore (SIN) SQ345

Not on these routes? Download the free Tairee the Tiger page and get started with the free app, or complete the rest of the collection here.

Start the experience with Tairee the Tiger


Complete the tutorial with Tairee the Tiger to unlock the other characters

Just download and print a free colouring page of Tairee the Tiger, colour it, and launch the Colour Me Magic Mobile app to bring it to life!


Get more colouring pages for an animal party at home!

Finished with Tairee? Download, print and colour more colouring pages for a magical colouring experience at home.







About Colour Me Magic

It all started from an idea submitted by Singapore Airlines staff- how can we enhance a popular inflight activity- colouring? With technology, we can unlock more interactive activities onboard once families have finished colouring, extending their enjoyment on long flights.

Together with the staff who originated the idea, Singapore Airlines’ Digital Innovation Lab, KrisLab, embarked on a project to help families bring their drawings to life!

KrisLab spearheads a collaborative ecosystem of entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry partners. Together, we grow ideas, develop intrapreneurs and launch ventures to redefine the future of travel.


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What is Colour Me Magic

Colour Me Magic is a digital experience comprising special colouring pages and a free mobile app available for Apple and Android (Android version coming soon).

After colouring the pages, families can use the mobile app to “Scan” their characters. They can then see their animal friends come to life in 3D in the same colours, and can play games, take selfies or watch videos of the animals.

How do I obtain the Colour Me Magic book or pages?

Families can download 4 free pages of Tairee the Tiger, Bob the Otter, Slip the Sloth and Maya the Orangutan.

Print them out and start colouring. Next, use the app to bring your colourings to life! Start with Tairee to complete the tutorial in the app.

I have the app and pages, how do I enjoy the experience?

1. Colour a special page (Start with Tairee the Tiger)

2. Tap on “Scan” on the app to start

3. Align your device’s camera over the entire character page (make sure to zoom out far enough so the app can see the entire page)

4. Move your device until the page turns green and the character will appear in 3D

5. Move your phone closer to the characters to see them in 3D! Don't forget to move around the page

6. Click the green continue button to save your coloured animal friend!

In the View and Selfie mode, how do I enlarge or reduce the size of my characters?

Simply pinch the characters with two fingers and drag to enlarge or reduce their sizes.

Can I use my own colouring pages with the app?

Unfortunately not at this time. The 4 pages have been specially configured to work with the app currently, but please be assured we're looking to produce more exciting content!

Do you have an Android version of the app?

Yes! The Android version will be released shortly. Please bookmark this page to receive further updates.

I encountered a problem, what do I do?

Drop the team an email at and we’ll be in touch.

Do I need internet access to use the app?

Once the app has been downloaded, no further internet access is required.

What is Rainforest Lumina?

Tairee, Bob, Slip and Maya are part of the Creature Crew at the Rainforest Lumina, a night attraction by the Singapore Zoo.

Visitors can expect to be enthralled by a mesmerising audio-visual experience that takes place across ten picturesque zones within the Singapore Zoo, and evokes the lush, luminous world of the rainforest at night.

Join them and the other Creature Crew to play, sing and discover the enchanted world of Rainforest Lumina. For wherever the Creature Crew roams, the rainforest blooms with wonder.

I am pointing at the colouring page, but see a red box on the page.

Move your device closer or further away from the page. Alternatively, move to a place with good lighting and try scanning again.

What technology does the app use?

The app introduces Augmented Reality to families- it identifies the special pages from Singapore Airlines and generates a 3D model of animal characters on the page.

Upon scanning, you can can use your phones to move around the page to see their animal friends in different angles. Families can even place their animal friends in the real environment using the “View” function.

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